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Protein Before or After Your Workout?

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

It's a question I get asked a lot! Will I get more results from eating protein before or after my workouts. Well, it depends...

The main thing I try to get my clients to understand is that what and how much you're eating is far more important than when you're eating it. You need protein to help build. maintain, and recover your muscles.

If your goal is to build and maintain muscle, when you're getting this protein during the day is 2nd to actually getting in the protein.

So what is Protein and why is it important?

Protein is a macro nutrient. Any calories (energy) you consume will come from one of three sources: Fat (9 calories per gram), Carbohydrates (4 calories per gram), or Protein (4 calories per gram).

Protein is a compound comprised of chains of smaller molecules known as amino acids. There are different types of amino acids, some that your body makes and some that you have to consume, but that's a discussion for a later time.

As far as whole proteins, your tissues such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, hair, organs, and skin as are all made from proteins. Therefore, you need proteins (amino acids) to give your body what it needs to build and repair these tissues.

REMEMBER, consuming more calories that you burn on a regular basis will cause you to gain weight. It makes no difference if these calories come from fat, carbohydrates, or protein.

Contact me if you'd like more help figuring out what eating program is best for you.

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