Sleep for Strength

How ya' sleeping? Unfortunately, most of us would probably have a negative response for that question. But not only is sleep important for your health, it may also play a huge role in your ability to lose weight and reach fitness goals. Here's just a few ways that happens:


Getting less than 7 hours of sleep each night has shown to cause changes in weight that can lead to obesity.


When you get less sleep, your body produces more of the hormone that increases appetite and cold cause you to eat more.


Poor sleep can effect your ability to make healthy food choices and can also increase your cravings for higher fat foods.


Staying awake longer increases the time available to eat. Most late night snacking is not only unnecessary, but also high in calories.


When you're tired from lack of sleep, it's hard to find the motivation to workout.

You know to get in your diet in check and exercise regularly to reach your fitness goals, now it's time to start getting your sleep routine fit. This could be that final missing piece to your fitness puzzle!

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