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Why Foam Roll?

Foam Rollers can be found at many stores and online and are very affordable.

1. Warm-Up

Rolling before a workout will help loosen tight muscles, tendons, and ligaments and help prevent injury.

2. Cool Down/Post Workout

Rolling after your workout will give self-myofascial release that actually releases muscle tissue and aids in mobility.

3. Prevent Injury

Repetitive exercise can cause muscle flare-ups and tightness and make you more prone to injury. Regular foam rolling can loosen tight muscles and prevent injury.

4. Increase Blood Circulation

Foam rolling helps with increased blood flow throughout the entire body—creating better mu

scle and joint mobility and range of motion, better elimination of toxins and waste, faster recovery time following strenuous exercise, and less chance of injury.

5. Faster Recovery Time

By helping create a better range of motion and increased blood flow to muscles and joints, foam rolling can lead to faster recovery time following workouts and the ability to perform more quality, strenuous exercises so you can reach your goal faster!

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