Got 4 minutes? Try this Power Tabata! Just alternate between 20 seconds of Diagonal Power Push-Ups, 10 seconds Rest, 20 seconds of Rolling Get-Ups, and 10 seconds Rest. Repeat the whole series 8x. 

Complete 10 of each exercise for 3 rounds 

Good Morning!! ☀️ Rise and Grind with this quick calorie stomping Total Body Tabata (20 seconds Work/10 seconds Rest X 8 Rounds:
1. Box Plank Tuck Jumps
2. Right Front Hop Lunge
3. Left Front Hop Lunge
4. Glider Plank Pikes 
Repeat All
Total Time: 4 Minutes!! Tag your workout partner and get on it!

After warmup
Complete Round 1 - 5x
12x right lunges
12x left lunges
12x push-ups
15x thrusters
10x renegade rows
Complete Round 2 - 4x
10x triceps pushups pullback
20x goblet squats
10x biceps curls
20x deadlifts 
Complete Round 3 - 3x
10x Wide band walks
20x tomahawks
30x supine abductions 
Cool down and stretch 👏👏💪🏻💪🏻



Complete 10 reps of each exercise for 2-3 rounds. 
1️⃣ KB squat drop and 1/4 turn jump squat (10 reps on each side)
2️⃣ KB Squat to backward Lunge (10 reps each side)
3️⃣ KB hold over chest with slow bicycle (10 reps each side)
4️⃣ KB plié Squat drop

5️⃣ squat to star jump

6️⃣ crunch hold with abductions *You could use a dumbbell in place of the kettlebell or just use your body weight. Don’t worry - you’re legs will still be burnin’!

Total Body STRENGTH 
1. Deadlift Reverse Fly
2. Pelvic Tilt Chest Fly
3. Alternating Supine Tri Press and Extension 
4. Sit Up and DB Press
Do each for 45 seconds with a 15 seconds break. Repeat 3x and rotate to next move.